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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Supra Electronic Locks For Real Estate Are Great!

If you have not tried the electronic locks in your area you might want to check into them.
Our main area of Vernal, Naples, Maesar, Utah including all of Uintah County started using them this year. Some agents have chosen not to use them yet and it is extremely inconvenient! Hoping they all will get on board.
I for one thought it seemed too expensive and that the (very) old ones we had were just fine. Wrong!
I am so glad I signed up for them at the less expensive entry price offered to us and I am now converted to the electronic locks. They are easy to use and the information for the agent accessing is stored in the lock. We are not to enter without permission first!
They make it safer in the fact that there is not a code on the mls or anywhere that can be used by someone not authorized. The agent has their own electronic key and are not to let other agents use their key.
The information on the Supra Locks is found at and the web page with the specific lock information is .
I recommend them!

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