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Monday, March 31, 2008

Open House To Do List

I would like you to have a list of items that you can do before and at the time of your Open House.
April is Century 21 Open House Month. Let's get yours ready.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Vernal Utah Foreclosure Rate Low

The number of foreclosures nationally has risen but the economy in the Uintah Basin has been good. Lacey McMurry reports in the Vernal Express that the RealtyTrac Company places foreclosures in Uintah County below the National and State averages
In 2007 .05 percent of all households in the Uintah Basin experienced foreclosure or default notices with the Utah State average of 1.1 percent of all households and a national average of 1.77 percent of all households, according to RealtyTrac.
The job opportunities are plentiful in the Uintah Basin. We have a high number of homes on the market as I have stated before due to over building of higher priced homes. The Basin is now a buyer's market.
RealtyTrac’s 2008 U.S. Foreclosure Market Report ranked Utah 15th in the nation. The Beehive State had 4.99 percent more filings in January 2008 than in January 2007.
The market in Vernal, Utah is strong and will weather the storm in Real Estate. Study and benefit from the current conditions.

Evaluate and Then Invest Vernal, Utah

Now is a great time to invest in home ownership. Are you going to be in the same location for the next five years? Are your finances in order and credit good?

The housing prices and interest rate are in a short period of down turn. Since the exact moment to best purchase a home cannot be predicted now may be time to evaluate your financial situation and invest.

In Dan Kadlec's article in Time Magazine Titled "Ignore The Headlines" he compares an example of purchasing now as opposed to waiting a year. The fact that the interest rate likely will be up and the price of the home may be down points towards no benefit in waiting. Your payment may be similar without enjoying the earlier period of ownership.

Pay attention to the facts not the headlines when hearing the media scare us about the real estate market. If you are in a good financial situation then the fact that the market is in its current condition means it may be a positive move toward investment.

Monday, March 24, 2008

One Day Tours Uintah County

When in the Vernal, Utah area be sure to check into the One Day Tour choices. Hopefully you will have enough time for a few.

1. Diamond Mountain Jones Hole & Fish Hatchery
2. Indian Petroglyphs Dry Fork Canyon
3. Red Cloud Loop Scenic Backway
4. Red Fleet & Steinaker Lake State Parks
5. Dinosaur National Monument
6. Outlaw Country
7. Vernal Walking Tour
8. Sheep Creek Canyon and Spirit Lake
9. Indian Canyon Scenic Byway
10. North Fork of the Duchesne River
11. Rock Creek Canyon and Upper Stillwater Reservoir

Better yet check out the real estate in Vernal and stay even longer.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Vernal Equinox

If you live in Vernal, Utah the Vernal Equinox probably will be of interest. In the Northern Hemisphere including Vernal, Utah this occurrs when at the exact date and time of the sun crossing over the Earth's equator, and spring arrives.YEAH!
It is near March 20-21 and about every 100 years it moves up a day. Spring never comes too soon.
Check out the calculation of the Vernal Equinox.

Supra Electronic Locks For Real Estate Are Great!

If you have not tried the electronic locks in your area you might want to check into them.
Our main area of Vernal, Naples, Maesar, Utah including all of Uintah County started using them this year. Some agents have chosen not to use them yet and it is extremely inconvenient! Hoping they all will get on board.
I for one thought it seemed too expensive and that the (very) old ones we had were just fine. Wrong!
I am so glad I signed up for them at the less expensive entry price offered to us and I am now converted to the electronic locks. They are easy to use and the information for the agent accessing is stored in the lock. We are not to enter without permission first!
They make it safer in the fact that there is not a code on the mls or anywhere that can be used by someone not authorized. The agent has their own electronic key and are not to let other agents use their key.
The information on the Supra Locks is found at and the web page with the specific lock information is .
I recommend them!

Monday, March 10, 2008


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