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Saturday, February 16, 2008

What Do Home Buyers Want?

What Do Home Buyers Want?
08 Feb
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I was thinking this past week: what is it that home buyers want? Of course, each individual is different and has specific needs. But overall: are there general themes that dictate what buyers are looking for right now?
If there are, think of the potential power in real estate investors’ hands: We’d know what we should buy, because we’d know what they’ll buy from us. We’d know what kind of improvements are worth investing in, because we’d know what adds value in a buyer’s mind. We’d know, essentially, what really matters.
So, what say you: Are there all-important aspects of a home that are definitely a worthwhile investment and a fool-proof key to adding value today? What convinced you to buy? What convinced a buyer to purchase your property?
Not sure? Maybe a look at some expert opinions will get the ideas flowing:
”10 Things That Make Buyers Bite”: Stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors, updated lighting, organized closets…
”Trends for Home Buyers”: Pre-WWII, Mediterranean and Mid-Century styles, modern or mint-condition kitchens, fancy bathroom fixtures, earthy colors, open floor plans…
Chicago Tribune, citing Mark Nash (whose in-the-know list made it to over 500 publications and web sites):
“What’s ‘in’ for Real Estate in 2008”: concealed kitchen appliances, bathroom televisions…

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